How To Become Certified By AFAP

The Certification Committee of the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP) has undertaken a multi-step process designed to standardize and professionalize Fertility Awareness education. This work has not been undertaken lightly and is being done in a methodical, collaborative manner which will stretch out over a number of years. Our first step was the creation of the Core Competencies, a document which outlines the body of knowledge that AFAP (with input from colleagues in related fields) considers essential for the education and practice of a Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE) at an entry level.

Beginning in 2017, we will develop a systematized means for assessing and certifying FAEs based on a demonstration of these core competencies. We hope to complete that process in 2018. At that point, FAEs who have not attended one of the teacher training programs that we currently recognize will be able to apply for certification. Applicants may be graduates of other teacher training programs, or have been mentored by one or more of our trainer/mentors. (Note: mentorship is recommended only for candidates who already have a solid base of knowledge around Fertility Awareness, well beyond personal charting experience.)

Until we have developed our assessment and certification, only FAEs who have graduated from one of the teacher training programs we recognize can be certified by AFAP. These programs have high standards, comprehensive curricula, do not espouse any particular religious tenets, are informed by reproductive justice, and support full spectrum reproductive health care delivered in a culturally sensitive and identity-affirming context. You can expect to spend 1.5 to 2 years obtaining your certification in one of these programs.

These recognized teacher training programs are:

AFAP is interested in expanding the number of programs we recognize and with whom we work. Administrators of teacher training programs that wish to be considered are invited to get in touch with us. Before doing so, please read very carefully through the Core Competencies document to ascertain whether your program is aligned with both the curriculum and the principles we have outlined.

If you would like to be kept apprised of our certification process as it develops, please email us and we will add you to a mailing list for that purpose. And in the meantime, we suggest you join AFAP as an Ally member! Doing so will give you an opportunity not just to meet, but to collaborate with professionals in the field, from a variety of educational backgrounds and practice orientations, as we work to strengthen the field of Fertility Awareness for ourselves and those we serve.

Note: AFAP is currently working to make our language trans and gender non-conforming inclusive in all of our print and online materials. We are being very thoughtful about this work and have not come to complete resolution about the specific approach we will take. This is why you will currently see some gendered and non-inclusive language on this website. Please know that AFAP certification has at its core a commitment to inclusion and to serving all people with respect and integrity.