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The Fertility Awareness Educators listed here all have training or certification that has been recognized by AFAP. *

Our educators come from a variety of backgrounds and hold different beliefs but we do not espouse any particular religion or religious values when teaching. Everyone is welcome to work with us and can expect to be met with non-judgmental support.

You can search by location (with the map), and you can also peruse the full listing of educators, located beneath the map. Membership categories are related to level of experience; you can choose from any category. Please be aware that many of our members teach virtually, meaning by video chat and by phone. We urge you to look at the full list and consider working with someone virtually. Doing so will greatly expand your choices!

Another way to expand your options is to work with a teacher in training. Their teaching is supervised, you’ll probably get a bargain, and you’ll be helping to build the next generation of Fertility Awareness Educators.

*We are currently recognizing certifications from the following teacher training programs:

Justisse College
Grace of the Moon
Natural Fertility Training and Certification Program

AFAP Certification IconAny person who has attained certification from one of these programs may display the “AFAP Certified” icon, regardless of whether or not she is a member of AFAP.


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Comprehensive Listing of AFAP Member

Fertility Awareness Educators (alphabetical)


Fertility Awareness Educators - Trainers/Mentors

Sarah Bly: Grace of the Moon

Lisa Leger: Justisse Healthworks for Women

Geraldine Matus: Justisse College

Ilene Richman: Fertility Awareness Center

Michal Schonbrun: Natural Fertility Education

Amy Sedgwick: Red Tent Sisters

Rose Yewchuk: Natural Fertility Solutions


Fertility Awareness Educators

Ashley Hartman Annis (TT: GOTM)

Dawn Brindle (TT: GOTM)

Anna Churchill: AC Fertility Awareness (TT: GOTM)

Amber Dawn Hallet

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Allison Macbeth: Blue Poppy Health (TT: JC)

Caitlin McMurtry: The Enlightened Cycle (TT: GOTM)

Dyami Nason-Regan: Fertile Ground

Hannah Ransom: Holistic Hormonal Health

Tamara Rubin (TT: GOTM)

Chloe Skerlak

Claudia Slattery: Butterfly Wings (TT: JC)

Malin Söderberg: Din Rytm

Laura Styler: Awaken Your Power

Justina Thompson: Justina Thompson LLC (TT: GOTM)

Grace Uomoto: Fearless Fertility

Mira Weil (TT: GOTM)

Leilani Wong Navar: Your Cycle Days (TT: JC)



Fertility Awareness Educators in Training




-Some listings are followed by "TT" and then some initials. This indicates that the Educator is willing to answer questions about her teacher training experience, and the initials indicate which program she attended (or is currently attending); see below. Please do *not* make inquiries before reading the material on this page, and in particular the guidelines regarding reaching out to these volunteers.

TT-JC (Justisse College)

TT-GOTM (Grace of the Moon)

TT-NFTCP (Natural Fertility Training and Certification Program)

Note: AFAP is currently working to make our language trans and gender non-conforming inclusive in all of our print and online materials. We are being very thoughtful about this work and have not come to complete resolution about the specific approach we will take. This is why you will currently see some gendered and non-inclusive language on this website. Please know that AFAP certification has at its core a commitment to inclusion and to serving all people with respect and integrity.