Reproductive Justice

“Reproductive Justice exists when all people have the social, political, and economic power and resources to make healthy decisions about our gender, bodies, sexuality, and families for ourselves and our communities.”  Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, now Forward Together

The term reproductive justice was developed by women of color to expand the framework of “reproductive rights” from a relatively narrow focus (centered around abortion) to one that encompasses issues of social justice and economic inequality and reflects the life experiences and concerns of women of color and others who are too often excluded from full expression of their human rights.  AFAP seeks to align our work with that of the reproductive justice movement.

As an organization made up of members in several countries, of different ages, sexual orientations, and ethnic identities, AFAP is in many ways diverse, but we also recognize the privileges that many of us hold based on the color of our skin, socio-economic status, and gender presentation.  When AFAP re-organized and re-launched in 2014, we made a commitment to pro-actively reach out to those who might not normally have access to Fertility Awareness Education. As educators and teacher-trainers, we are gatekeepers, and have an obligation to address institutional oppression and take steps to correct it, so that more people can have access to full spectrum reproductive and sexual health care.

AFAP’s commitment to social justice is enshrined in our vision statement, our mission, and our goals. Our planned work in this area falls broadly into four categories:

  • Education for ourselves and for others through presentations and workshops and through the curation of an online resource list
  • Partnerships with organizations actively working in issues of reproductive justice
  • A commitment to grow a scholarship fund for people who otherwise might not be able to afford the cost of training to become certified instructors of Fertility Awareness
  • Increasing accessibility to information about Fertility Awareness through active outreach

We invite you to work with us on these important issues, whether by joining our organization, sharing (or contributing to) our resource list, partnering with us on presentations, or contributing to our scholarship fund. Join us in working toward our vision, a world in which ALL women and girls have the knowledge and power to make informed choices around their fertility, sexuality, and reproductive health, as well as healthcare providers who support their decision-making.

Note: AFAP is currently working to make our language trans and gender non-conforming inclusive in all of our print and online materials. We are being very thoughtful about this work and have not come to complete resolution about the specific approach we will take. This is why you will currently see some gendered and non-inclusive language on this website. Please know that AFAP certification has at its core a commitment to inclusion and to serving all people with respect and integrity.